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About Us

Healthy Dining Chicago is an educational outreach organization that provides a steady diet of bite-sized, easy-to-digest morsels of practical information and valuable resources. Its mission is to guide and inspire consumers to make informed and cost-conscious choices that are kind to Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants.

Healthy Dining Chicago was founded in 2003 by "green kitchen economist" and staunch plant-based diet supporter Laura Bruzas. Thirty-plus years ago, at a time when her “food values” were being formed, her dietary trajectory changed forever after reading Francis Moore Lappé’s book Diet for a Small Planet which is considered “the blueprint for eating with a small carbon footprint long before the term was coined.” (JM Hirsch, Associated Press)

Bruzas' background includes a degree in Marketing, 15 years in Human Resources and Recruiting and a five-year stint with Whole Foods Market. She is a member of the American Library Association, a Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago Money Smart partner, author of 100 Simple Ways to Eat Well for Less and editor of Inspired: Healthy Six-Ingredient Recipes for the Time-Pressed Cook. A longtime food co-op supporter, she is also an owner/supporter of the following: Sugar Beet, Chicago Market, Prairie Food Co-op, and Dill Pickle Co-op.

Bruzas delivers a variety of money smart eco-friendly programs to the workplace (Lunch-n-Learn), local libraries, community groups, clubs, and retreats.

You can find her on Twitter at twitter.com/Laura_Bruzas

HDC Volunteers

HDC volunteers George Kollar, Laura Bruzas, and Linda Wedenoja.

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Updated 06/06/2017