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Purchase/Payment Options 

Please note we never sell or share personal information

You may use your credit card to pay through PayPal using the account of your choice.
Option #1: Choose an item to purchase by clicking to highlight it from the list below. Then select the orange Add-to-Cart button. Your shopping cart will display and allow you to review, update and/or add more items to your cart before checking out and making payment:
  (Note: orange Add-to-Cart button may take a few moments to appear below.)

Option #2: To send a contribution to Healthy Dining or to pay for an item not listed above, enter a reason for payment and then select the orange Pay-Now button. You will then be asked to enter the amount you wish to send.
Reason for Payment:
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Option #3: If you prefer to pay for a purchase by check (payable to Healthy Dining Chicago), please include a reason for payment, your name(s), email address, postal address and phone number and send to:

Healthy Dining Chicago
c/o Laura Bruzas
954 Pleasant St, Apt G
Oak Park IL 60302